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The rehabilitation of around 30 million individuals with special needs is a major challenge faced by our country. At Disha, developing suitable human resources to cater to the educational, training, and rehabilitation requirements of individuals with disabilities has been a primary intervention area. In addition to enhancing the skills of in-service teachers, Disha also provides specialized training courses, which include:


Diploma course in Special Education in Intellectual Disability (ID)

This two-year program, sanctioned by the Rehabilitation Council of India in New Delhi, trains graduates and undergraduates to become special educators. The program was launched in 2014 and is still active today.


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course in Special Education - Mental Retardation (MR).

Affiliated with the University of Rajasthan and recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India in New Delhi, this two-year course is designed to train graduates in becoming special educators.


In service Training

Disha organizes workshops and seminars for parents and teachers from mainstream schools, as well as conducts RCI-approved Continuing Rehabilitation Programs (CRE) to assist professionals in upgrading their skills. In addition, a monthly Continuing Education Program (CEP) is held to further enhance the staff's capacity.