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Disha's Story

A Resource Centre for Multiple Disabilities Disha is a nonprofit voluntary organization, which was started in 1995 with a vision of society with equal opportunities for all and love and understanding of the need for providing opportunities for children with multiple disabilities. It engages itself in providing opportunities for children with special needs. Its interventions range from education to support to training and rehabilitation. With its “inclusive approach “it tries to facilitate specific action and practices that integrate and include people with disabilities in all areas of life. Disha's motto “to be a part and not apart”; is self explanatory and reflects the broader canvas of Disha's interventions. To turn this phylosophy into practice, apart from working towards inclusion of students in mainstream schools a variety of actions are being undertaking to sensitize different segments of society that influence the environment in which the special child grows.

Disha works through :

  • Centre for Special Education
  • Center for Home Management
  • Centre for Therapies
  • Centre for Vocational Training
  • Centre for Human Resource Development
  • Community Out Reach Programmes
  • Activities for Public Awareness and Advocacy