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Trustee Name Position Meeting attended
Mr. Basantt Khaitan Trustee Chairperson 2/2
Mrs. Mala Khaitan Trustee 2/2
Dr. Ashok Agarwal Trustee 1/2
Mrs. P. N. Kavoori Trustee 2/2
Mr. Purushottam Agarwal Trustee 1/2
Mr. Kailash Kanoria Trustee 1/2
Dr. Sudhir Bhandari Trustee 1/2
Mr. Madhur Khaitan Trustee 2/2
Anand Singhal Trustee 2/2
  • Except three, none of the Trustees are related by blood or marriage.
  • During the period two trustee meetings were held. In annual meeting dated 30/03/2022, 5 trustees participated. The annual accounts for F.Y. 21-22 and budget for FY 22-23 and appointment of auditors was approved.

Transparency Disclosures

  • Disha Foundation is a Registered Trust.
  • For Disha, 2 Governing Board and 3 Executive Committee meetings were held in F.Y. 20-21.
  • Banker are State Bank of India, Shyam Nagar Branch, Jaipur 302019 Auditors are Jain Shrimal & Company, 62, Gangwal Park, M. D. Road, Jaipur302004. Disha follows the audit related process whereby the statutory auditors are appointed in annual meeting and their remuneration is also fixed. The Auditor report & financial statements are passed in the annual meeting.
  • Disha Foundation complies regularly with statutory requirements of Income Tax Act and Foreign Contributor (Regulation) Act.
  • Income Tax Registration, under section 12A: Income Tax Officer Jaipur Vide URN :- AAATD2135PE20160.DOA 22.11.21 PAN : AAATD2135P. TAN : JPRD02565D.
  • All contribution to Disha Foundation is exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act Vide URN : AAATD2135PF20218 Date of Approval : 22.11.2021
  • FCRA registration No. : 125560101 Credibility Alliance Registration No. : CA/22/2016
  • No remuneration, sitting fees or any compensation was paid to any trustees except to the Advisor – Disha @ Rs. 50,000/- per month. No travel reimbursement has been made to any trustees for attending meetings. Total cost of international travel by all personnel and board members during the year is nil. Total cost of national travel by all personnel during the year is nil. Remuneration of the highest paid staff members are Rs. 1,07,250/-. Highest paid person is Operational Head – Ms. Rainu Singh. Remuneration of the lowest paid staff members is Rs. 6,075/- per month.

Staff according to salary levels as on 31/03/2022

Slab of gross salary plus benefits (Rs per month) Male (Nos) Female (Nos) Female (Nos)
< 5000 0 0 0
5000-10000 6 8 14
10000-25000 10 16 26
25000 - 50000 2 6 8
50000 - 100000 0 1 2
100000 > 0 1 1
TOTAL 19 32 51